5 Popular Tourist Attractions with Legendary Traces in Indonesia

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5 Popular Tourist Attractions with Legendary Traces in Indonesia
5 Popular Tourist Attractions with Legendary Traces in Indonesia/PINTEREST


From the west end to the east end, Indonesia has a lot of cultures and places of amazing beauty.

These places are often used as tourist destinations not only for local tourists but also for foreign tourists.

the story of the legend contained in the tour,  adds historical value and the origins of the origin of the establishment of the place, from the name to the existence of the place all have an astonishing story.

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So, here are 5 tours that are famous for their legends in Indonesia.

Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain holds a forbidden love story between a mother and her child. According to legend, Mount Tangkuban Perahu is the form of a boat that was kicked by Sangkuriang when he failed to fulfill Dayang Sumbi's request.

Dayang Sumbi is the mother and incarnation of the goddess that Sangkuriang wants to propose. He was also the one who begged Sangkuriang to build a boat and a lake overnight as a test of Sangkuriang's sincerity.

Tangkuban Perahu itself is in the Bandung area, West Java.

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Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temple is located in Central Java, precisely in Jogjakarta. This temple which is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia has a bittersweet story with a romance between Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang.

Roro Jonggrang, who was judged to be cheating by Bandung, condemned himself to be a statue with the temples that he made in that place because when Bandung fulfilled his request to build 1000 temples, Roro Jonggrang lit a light so that the rooster crows so that the spirits ordered by Bandung go away until his efforts to getting Roro Jonggrang's love failed.

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 Toba Lake

Lake Toba is on the island of Sumatra has the story of a man who found fish in the lake, the man named Toba married a fish demon and got a son named Samosir because one day he was angry with his son.

Toba hit him and said that Samosir was a baby fish, the woman was angry and pulled out the wooden stick on the ground until the water came out which made the place a lake, it is said that the island in the middle of the lake was named Samosir because Samosir was a shelter at that time.

Sweet Water Beach/ Malin Kundang

Who hasn't heard of the legend of Malin Kundang, a boy who disobeyed his mother after becoming a rich skipper and having a beautiful wife.

Malin was cursed to be a stone by the mother who was sad because her son didn't acknowledge her. You can find a statue of Malin Kundang prostrating to beg forgiveness from his mother at Air Manis Beach, South Padang, West Sumatra.

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Kalimutu Lake

Known as the Three-Colored Lake, Kelimutu Lake has a dark story that can make you shudder in horror. The reason is, the difference in color produced in the three lakes reportedly comes from human nature immersed in them.Lake Kelimutu was formed after a fierce battle between Ata Polo, a sorcerer who likes to eat humans, and Ata Bupu, a well-known public figure.

Those are some of the famous tourist attractions with legends that are popular in Indonesia / RS

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