6 Most Romantic Places in Bandung Suitable for Honeymoon and Expressing Love

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6 Most Romantic Places in Bandung Suitable for Honeymoon and Expressing Love
6 Most Romantic Places in Bandung Suitable for Honeymoon and Expressing Love/pinterest


It is undeniable that Bandung has a place that is famous for its beautiful and exotic panoramas, not only culinary and recreational spots for families worldwide to several parts of the country.

Bandung is a sweet and cool place to be your choice of place to enjoy your honeymoon and express your love for your partner.

Here are some lodgings that can be an option for those of you who are looking for a place for Your honeymoon and intend to express the seriousness of your feelings to your partner.

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The Valley Resort Dago

Honeymooning in Bandung is incomplete without having a romantic dinner at the most exclusive place in the city. One that you can make a choice, especially for a romantic dinner, is The Valley Bistro Cafe, which belongs to The Valley Resort Hotel in Dago.

In the outdoor cafe area, you can see and enjoy the view of the city of Bandung at night, while having a romantic dinner together. The culinary menu offered at The Valley Bistro Cafe is very diverse from within and outside the country, especially various types of steaks.

 The Valley Resort Dago/ Dispubar Kab BAndung

The Restaurant At Padma

This restaurant is one of the best places for a romantic dinner because it is located near the center of Bandung. The atmosphere is no less amazing than the restaurants in the Lembang area. You and your partner can feel the natural beauty of the city of Bandung and the sensation of having dinner on the edge of a cliff.

The Restaurant At Padma/pinterest

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Sapu Lidi

Sapu Lidi, a unique place name. It turns out that this one place is a cafe that also offers romantic dinners and resorts. So, you and your partner can stay overnight after enjoying dinner. You can choose this place and have a romantic day with him.

6 Tempat Paling Romantis di Bandung Cocok untuk Honeymoon dan Nyatakan Cinta

Sapu Lidi Lembang/Pinterest

Moko Hill

Moko Hill is also known as Caringin Tilu. You and your partner can enjoy a honeymoon with a view of the Bandung city landscape from a 180-degree angle at an altitude of 1,500 masl. Not only that, we can enjoy the sparkling beautiful night with flickering lights

Bukit Moko/pinterest

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Grafika Cikole

Grafika Cikole can be the right lodging for you to choose with your partner to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. In this place, you will enjoy a unique and romantic life with a pleasant and soothing feel to return to nature.

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