Umang Pandeglang Island, Amazing Tour Blending with Nature

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Umang Pandeglang Island, Amazing Tour Blending with Nature
Umang Pandeglang Island, Amazing Tour Blending with Nature - pinterest

POSTPANGANDARAN- If you dream of a tourist spot that is close to a quiet feel, and a stunning charm, this place can make your dreams come true, Umang Island will present the most beautiful tour like on your own island.

Umang Island is home to a 5-hectare resort. with a luxurious and comfortable Cootage and adequate facilities, vacationing on this island will be fun for sure.

How not a resort on the beach that faces directly to the sea with free views, no doubt how refreshing it is to unwind your activities.

In addition, the resorts provided also use environmentally friendly wood but modern facilities.

There are also several facilities provided by Umang Island, namely:

meeting room

banquet hall

sunrise dome

beach club

drug store

lagoon lounge


Karaoke room

swimming pool

Satellite tv

Room service

Kid Pool


Fishing Boat

and others

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Ticket price

For an entrance ticket to Umang Island, you will only be charged Rp. 100,000, - you can already enjoy the beauty and try the facilities on Umang Island.

And to be able to book a resort on the island of Umang, you are only charged Rp. 7,50,000 to Rp. 1,500,000 to stay depending on the type ordered.

Location of Umang Island

Umang Island is an island in the Banten region, Sumberjaya Village, Kec. Sumur, Kab. Pandeglang, Banten
. The distance from the island when viewed from the city of Jakarta is about 183 kilometers. You can get to this beautiful island in about 6 hours if you depart from the metropolitan city.RS

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