Watu Mabur Cliff, Enjoying the Beauty of Nature above the Altitude

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Watu Mabur Cliff, Enjoying the Beauty of Nature above the Altitude
Watu Mabur Cliff, Enjoying the Beauty of Nature above the Altitude - Pinterest


If you like heights, there's nothing wrong with visiting the Yogyakarta area, you stop by for a moment to this one tourist spot.
Of course, this place will be fun to visit, if you are one of the content seekers on social media.

You will get really cool photos here decorating the feed on your social media followers.
There are some interesting photo spots that you can try here.

You can take photo spots with a thousand mountains in the background.
And you can also take photos on the runway which ends directly facing the ravine.

Watu Mabur Cliff tour located in Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta is always in demand by tourists, especially nature lovers.

From the Watu Mabur Cliff, visitors can see the scenery in the form of mountainous nature that is so charming. You can also see the expanse of green forest and the Oyo river which is very large and looks even more enchanting when viewed from above.

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For those of you who want to stay overnight, there are camping package services that you can get. During camping, you can wait for the sunrise which will look stunning from the tourist location.

While watching the sunrise, you will also be treated to beautiful natural scenery shrouded in fog in the morning.
And in the afternoon you can also watch the sunset which is no less beautiful to be photographed.

Mabur Watu Cliff Road Route

To reach the Watu Mabur Cliff location, visitors can go through 2 routes, the first is by directing the vehicle to Dlingo to the Mangunan pine forest. Next, take the straight path and then follow the signs provided to the tourist location.

And the next route is the route that passes Penguk Kediwung Hill. Through this route, visitors can direct their vehicle to Penguk Kediwung Hill.

Arriving at the intersection before Penguk Kediwung Hill, visitors can already see the road signs to tourist sites on the Watu Mabur Cliff.
Surely you will get a very amazing view there'.NN

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