Enjoying the Beauty of Wairinding Hill on Sumba Island

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Enjoying the Beauty of Wairinding Hill on Sumba Island
Enjoying the Beauty of Wairinding Hill on Sumba Island/ pinterest


The hill is one of the natural beauties with a higher ground level than the surrounding land. Usually, people come to the hill, just to calm their minds or enjoy its natural beauty while taking pictures. In Indonesia, there are many hills with unparalleled beauty. One area that has hills with beautiful natural scenery is Sumba Island.

Sumba Island is one of the areas in the southern part of Indonesia. The island is famous for its endless natural beauty. Its clean and well-maintained place makes all curious tourists want to visit this island. One of the natural beauties on Sumba Island is Wairinding Hill.

Wairinding Hill has a natural beauty that is very pleasing to the eye, so it is not surprising that this hill is often used as a film shooting location. This hill can change according to the weather season. If it is the rainy season, tourists will be presented with a green expanse like in New Zealand, while in the dry season, this hill presents a stretch of savanna-like being in Africa.


Warinding Hill has a very beautiful natural panorama, especially when sunset arrives. That makes this place even more beautiful. So do not be surprised if many tourists are willing to wait for the sunset to come.

Warinding Hill has a very wide and terraced landscape of savanna, so it is not surprising that tourists come to this place just to take pictures. Usually, on this hill, there are often children playing there. Tourists who come will be welcomed by the children.

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Route and Location

Warinding Hill has a very strategic location because it is located in Pambotanjara Village, Waingapu City, Pandawai District, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The route that must be taken to get to this place will not be boring. Because every trip that is passed is always presented with beautiful natural scenery.

For tourists who start the journey from Waigapu City, you have to cover a distance of about 25 Km. First of all, tourists must direct the vehicle to Waingapu-Waikabubak. About 30 minutes, tourists will arrive at Wairinding Hill. Furthermore, tourists just do a little climb with a distance of about 500 m

Ticket Prices and Facilities

Wairinding Hill operates 24 hours. The cost to enter this place is sincere, but tourists are required to fill out the guest book that has been provided there.

The facilities in this place are very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Bathroom

- Food stalls

- Saung to rest. 

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