Tourist Destinations Hits De Djawatan Benculuk Trembesi Forest Like in Lord Of The Rings

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Tourist Destinations Hits De Djawatan Benculuk Trembesi Forest Like in Lord Of The Rings
Tourist Destinations Hits De Djawatan Benculuk Trembesi Forest Like in Lord Of The Rings/ pinterest

BANYUWANGI, POSTPANGANDARAN- There is something special in Banyuwangi, this city which is famous for the legend of Sri Tanjung has natural attractions like in a fairy tale.

De Djawatan, which is a forest of tamarind trees, is a natural tourist destination that will take you to the atmosphere of a fairy tale that spoils the eyes and mind.

Before being known as a tourist attraction as it is today, the people of Benculuk were more familiar with this forest as Tapel Pelas. For decades, even since the Dutch colonial period, Tapel Pelas has been used as a location for storing wood (TPK) and forest products managed by Perhutani.

This forest environment has also been rearranged to make it interesting to visit as well as to relieve fatigue, with the addition of hundreds of meters of earthen footpaths, fences of giant trembesi trees, and additional toilet facilities and prayer rooms.

In some corners also provided benches made of teak. So that visitors do not get tired quickly, the manager provides wagon facilities. The manager also provides beautiful corners for visitors to take pictures with the backdrop of giant tamarind trees.

Trembesi is known as the rain tree because of its great ability to absorb water, which makes its branches so moist and makes it the most comfortable home for epiphytic plants, such as ferns. The grass also thrives around the trembesi.

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his South American native tree can grow quickly with distinctive characteristics, namely dozens of tree branches snaking wide to form a canopy or umbrella.

According to the administrator of Perhutani KPH Banyuwangi Selatan Panca Putra Sihite, there are hundreds of trembesi trees in De Djawatan, a third of which are 100-200 years old.

For de Djawatan's charm, don't ask again, a forest with large trembesi will give a feel like in the Lord Of The Rings movie with a cool green forest like a protector and a sky buffer.

To be able to enter this tour, you will only be charged IDR 5,000.

This tourist attraction is about 45 kilometers west of Banyuwangi city center and can be reached by land travel for a maximum of about 60 minutes, located in Purwosari, Benculuk, Cluring, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java 68482/ RS

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