Cukang Taneuh, the Mystical but Exotic Green Canyon Pangandaran Tourism Object

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Cukang Taneuh, the Mystical but Exotic Green Canyon Pangandaran Tourism Object
Cukang Taneuh, the Mystical but Exotic Green Canyon Pangandaran Tourism Object/ist


If the land of Uncle Sam, the United States has Green Canyon in Colorado. Pangandaran also has Cukang Taneuh which is no less exotic and is predicted to be Indonesia's Green Canyon. Having the same charm of beauty, this tourist spot in Pangandaran offers views of towering natural cliffs and is decorated with shady green trees.

 Not only that, the river water that runs along the cliff is very clear and blue. Green Canyon Pangandaran is located on the Cijulang River, precisely in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java. The locals named this place Cukang Taneuh which in Indonesian means Land Bridge.

It is interpreted as a land bridge by residents because this location is above the valley and ravine of Cukang Taneuh, there is a bridge made of land that is used by local farmers to get to the garden.

 Long before it was opened as a tourist spot, the river along the Green Canyon Pangandaran tourist attraction was known as a haunted place that was thick with mystical nuances. Even residents rarely dare to cross the river or on the banks of the river. Maybe only a few people dare to go there.

 And that's usually people who hunt snakes and monitor lizards. Because of the mystical and haunting impression that is believed by the public, this location was rarely visited before, and this is what makes this place still preserved.

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 The history of naming the Green Canyon in Cukang Taneuh was first popularized by a French citizen named Bill John in 1993. At that time he saw the color of the cliffs and the greenish river. Then he called it Green Canyon, which was later used and is popular today.

“The admiration of the three Caucasians when they saw the wall of the waterfall on the river bank. Their admiration is even greater when they see the reliefs of stalactite rocks that don't stop releasing water," said Sunandar, a tour guide for the Green Canyon Pangandaran area as quoted from the official website

 When we walk along the river between the cliffs of this canyon, we can see green plants adorning the beautiful stone walls that have been carved by nature for years. This canyon was formed from soil erosion due to the flow of the Cijulang River for millions of years.

Cukang Taneuh, Objek Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran yang Mistis Namun Eksotis

  The stream penetrates the cave with dazzling stalactites and stalagmites. The stream is then flanked by two towering hills with rocks decorated with groves of trees. Truly a unique and challenging natural manuscript.

 The way to reach this place, we have to rent a boat from Ciseureuh Pier and travel approximately 30-45 minutes with a distance of about 3 km. This boat ticket can be obtained at the ticket counter with a cost of around Rp. 200,000, with a maximum of 5 passengers.

As far as the eye can see traveling in this place, we will be spoiled by the beautiful green landscape of the river water. Plus, at the mouth of the cave, there is a Palatar waterfall which makes the atmosphere in this tourist attraction feel so cool. Activities that can be done include jumping from cliffs, swimming, or body rafting.

 For body rafting, there are usually two guides who accompany this adventure. The duration of each body rafting activity is about 3-4 hours. The adventure will start from the upstream of the Cijulang River and then cover a rafting distance of 5 km with the beauty of Green Canyon Pangandaran. (RS)

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