Madasari Beach Hidden Paradise in Masawah Village, Pangandaran Regency

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Madasari Beach Hidden Paradise in Masawah Village, Pangandaran Regency
Madasari Beach Hidden Paradise in Masawah Village, Pangandaran Regency (


Before splitting from Ciamis Regency, Pangandaran was known as a tourist attraction area with beaches located in several locations. After separating from the main regency, namely Ciamis, Pangandaran Regency continues to make improvements, especially in the tourism sector.

The famous tourist attraction in Pangandaran Regency is Pangandaran Beach both east and west. Pangandaran Beach is a favorite tourist attraction and can be said as a prima donna tourism in West Java Province. Besides Pangandaran Beach, one of the other favorite destinations is Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh or in Indonesian means Land Bridge. Both attractions are well known by local and foreign tourists.

In addition to these two attractions, Pangandaran Regency still has other beach attractions such as Karapyak Beach, Batuhiu and Batukaras Beach. Pangandaran also has a hidden beach attraction, namely Madasari Beach which is located in Masawah Village, Cimerak District or about 45 kilometers from Pangandaran Beach.

Madasari Beach can be reached by various types of vehicles, including minibuses, large buses and motorbikes in about an hour's drive from Pangandaran Beach.

Madasari Beach is still managed by the Masawah Village Government. The development of tourism is fully held by the Masawah Village Government. The development, arrangement, and management of tourism are regulated in accordance with the Masawah Village Regulation concerning Tourism Village Development. Tourism Village is an area for preserving the natural environment of the ecosystem as well as the node of the community's traditional culture without hindering the development of its citizens to improve their welfare through tourism businesses.

MADASARI BEACH offers beautiful natural charm

Madasari Beach offers its natural charm that is still beautiful and has not been touched much. This beach has a million charms that can attract tourists, both local and international, with its natural beauty that is very beautiful and charming. Tourists will be treated to stunning views and the air is still very clean. The area is still completely arranged naturally. That's why Madasari Beach is called a hidden paradise in Masawah Village, Cimerak District, Pangandaran Regency.

As a beach that has been designated as a tourist area. Madasari Beach is a beach that is the right choice for tourists who want to feel a calm and comfortable beach atmosphere for a vacation and rest while enjoying the scenery that is still very natural. Madasari Beach has the beauty of the Indian Ocean and coral hills scattered along the coast. The waves are a natural dish that attracts the attention of tourists.


This beach is surrounded by several small islands scattered along the coast. The islands that are unique to Madasari Beach tourism are located a few miles from the beach. The islands present extraordinary views, have very beautiful rocks. The rocks are a magnet for tourists, especially photo lovers to produce good pictures. A suitable place for photographic objects. Moreover, accompanied by the waves that adorn, beautiful sky, and amazing nature, as well as clean beach sand, it is certain that you will get beautiful and interesting photos.

There are 11 small islands scattered along the coastline of Madasari Beach. These islands have their own names, including Sitting Island, Sodong Gede Island, Gedogan Island, Karang Seugeuh Island, Batuleuit Island, Karang Tambaga Island, Kalapa Satangkal Island, Manggar Island, Cangkore Island, Bale Kambang Island, and Legok Bancet. There is one famous island which is the main attraction of Madasari Beach. The island is named Batuleuit. Batuleuit became the icon of Madasari Beach. As an icon that is already known by many tourists, Batuleuit is a location that is often used as a background for selfies. In fact, many photography lovers come just to photograph the island.


Madasari Beach is one of the beaches known for having big waves which are suitable for tourists who like surfing. The condition of the waves is suitable for surfers, making the Madasari Beach tourist area not intended for swimming locations. This is due to the location of the beach which is directly opposite the open sea. As a suitable location for surfers, Madasari Beach is often visited by local and foreign tourists to surf. Many of the foreign surfers deliberately come to Madasari Beach to enjoy the big waves. Those big waves, which are known to be quite wild and irregular, very popular with surfers.

In addition, the waves are attractive, camping is also an attraction for tourists. There are tent rental services that are ready to be used by tourists. This is to facilitate tourists who want to spend the night enjoying the beauty of the sea at night. Many communities deliberately come to Madasari Beach to carry out certain events and spend the night setting up tents. Visitors can indeed use Madasari Beach facilities to hold events and make Madasari Beach the location of the event. Visitors can contact the local government for permission in advance.

Madasari Beach is also a good spot to enjoy the sunrise or sunrise. Photo hunters are also obliged to capture the moment. The beauty of the natural panorama can impress tourists and get an unforgettable experience.

That is a short story about Madasari Beach, a hidden paradise in Pangandaran Regency. If you are traveling who will vacation to this beach, don't forget to invite your family, friends, friends, and those closest to you. (red)

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