Here are 5 Unique and Interesting Facts about Pangandaran Beach Tourism Objects

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Here are 5 Unique and Interesting Facts about Pangandaran Beach Tourism Objects
Here are 5 Unique and Interesting Facts about Pangandaran Beach Tourism Objects (picture:ist)


For people of West Java and its surroundings, of course, they are familiar with Pangandaran Beach. The beach, which is located in Pananjung Village, Pangandaran Regency, is about 90 KM from Ciamis City. This beach is very suitable to be visited by those of you who have a hobby of photography because it has lots of interesting landscape spots.

However, not only does it have an attractive landscape spot, but Pangandaran Beach also has various other interesting facts. So before visiting this beach, you must know 5 interesting facts about Pangandaran Beach, as follows. 

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1. Beach with an elongated shape

Pangandaran Beach has an elongated stretch of beach. Unmitigated, the length of the beach reaches 91 km. On this long beach, Wargi Bandung can certainly enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

2. There is a Japanese cave in the Nature Reserve area

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 Pangandaran Beach has a nature reserve area, Wargi Bandung! If you come here, Wargi Bandung can meet directly with protected animals, from deer to monkeys. In addition, in this area, there is also a cave called Goa Jepang. This cave has been built since the Japanese colonial period. Uniquely, to this day the cave has never been renovated, so its authenticity is still very visible.

 3. There is an 'Illegal Fishing Shipwreck' Monument

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In 2016, there was an MV Viking Lagos boat that was used by illegal fishing actors. The ship was a fugitive by Interpol before being caught and detonated. Now, the wreck of the MV Viking Lagos has capsized in the waters of Bantu Mandi, West Coast Pangandaran. This condition is used as a tourist attraction.

 4. Has White Sand Spot

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 Here it is the most favorite, the Pangandaran White Sand Beach area. The white sand that spreads widely in this spot makes the atmosphere feel as if you are on the Island of the Gods, Bali. Here, Wargi Bandung can play sand, take pictures, play water, swim, and even snorkel. The beach water is very clear and clear which of course can make it easier for us to see the coral reefs below. This spot is also very close to the MV Viking Lagos shipwreck monument.

 To get to this spot, Wargi Bandung can pass the Nature Reserve route. Lazy to walk? Don't worry, because Wargi Bandung can use a boat service at a relatively cheap price to get to this White Sand Beach.

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 5. There is a Tour to the Belly of the Earth

 Another Pangandaran tourist attraction is Sinjang Lawang Cave with a height and width of approximately 60 meters and a length of about 500 meters. The name of this cave is taken from a carving at the entrance that resembles a sinjang style. Sinjang means jarit and lawang means entrance.

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You can follow the Cijulang River which penetrates this cave. The natural carvings on the rocks are breathtaking. The cave has a very exotic beauty due to its dark conditions, but there are rays of sunlight coming in through the holes.

Another advantage, even though you have visited this place many times you will see different views. This is due to the influence of the difference in light entering the cave.


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