Korean Drama The Penthouse season 3 Episode 1 English Sub, War In Life

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Korean Drama The Penthouse season 3 Episode 1 English Sub, War In Life
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The Korean drama The Penthouse Season 3, SBS, which is popular with high ratings, tells the story around Hera Palace, an apartment complex intended for those at the top of the social pyramid.

The story focuses on solidarity and mutual revenge between groups of women who try to always look after their children.

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The drama The Penthouse 2 itself features tycoons who get their punishment by entering prison cells starting from a trap for Dan Tae and the surrender of Oh Yoon He.

This latest season will continue the story from season 2 which is still struggling with endless revenge matters. Not only that, the drama that is presented is also rumored to be getting more and more tangled and this is what makes The Penthouse season 3 even more eagerly awaited.

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The storyline that is interesting and makes the audience curious will continue to be rolled out, starting from the killer Shim Su Ryun (Lee Ji Ah) and the follow-up plan for Oh Yoon Hee (Yu Jin) who will get out of prison.

Actor Park Ho San plays Yoo Dong Pil. He is the husband of Kang Ma Ri (played by Shin Eun Kyung) and the father of Yoo Jenny (played by Jin Ji Hee).

Initially, Yoo Dong Pil (played by Park Ho San) was thought to be on a business trip to Dubai. However, it turns out that he is behind bars to replace Joo Dan Tae (Um Ki Joon's player)

 The act of revenge and attacking each other with more thrilling tactics is what the audience is most waiting for to see this Korean drama airing soon.

In the Korean Drama Penthouse 3, episode 1 shows the situation in prison and preparation for release from prison after several years in a cell.

As well as answers to questions about the death of Logan Lee who burned at the end of the penthouse season 2 due to being hit by a bomb.

How fun and cool their action is watching the Korean drama The Penthouse Episode 1 English Sub / RS

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