Link Streaming Korean Drama Mine Episode 7 English Sub, Ha Joon's Return to Hi Soo

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Link Streaming Korean Drama Mine Episode 7 English Sub, Ha Joon's Return to Hi Soo
Link Streaming Korean Drama Mine Episode 7 English Sub, Ha Joon's Return to Hi Soo


The Korean drama "Mine" tells the story of two crazy rich women who come from a conglomerate family, the second story will focus on their efforts to find the true meaning of happiness and reclaim something that belongs to them.

In the previous episode, the first son-in-law in this story was Jung Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-Hyung) who was married to the eldest son Han Jin-ho (Park Hyuk-Kwon). The relationship between the two is not too intimate.

The second son-in-law is Seo Hi-soo (Lee Bo-young) married to the youngest son Han Ji-Yong (Lee Hyun-Wook). They are the perfect match. Hi-soo becomes a stepmother who loves their son Han Ha-Joon (Jung Hyeon-jun).

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Korean Drama Mine Episode 6

In the Korean Drama Mine Episode 6, Kang Je Kyeong, who turns out to be Ha Joon's biological mother and a woman who had an affair with Han Ji Young, is a member of the brain and is not willing if Hi Soo is still in his position.

He plans to take over by grabbing the attention of HA Joon and Han Ji Young, but unfortunately, the fact that Hi Soo is pregnant makes Ji Young protect Hi Soo and chooses Je Kyeong to leave his house without telling anyone who he is.

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Korean Drama Mine Episode 7

 In the next Korean Drama Mine episode, Je Kyeong shows the figure of himself  Hye who is Ha Joon's biological mother who once received love from Han Ji Young.

 When the event at the Hi Soo and Je Kyeong Church met, at that time Seo Hyun also came because she told him who Ha Joon's mother was. Unexpectedly, Hi Soo didn't back down and slapped Je Kyeong when he met.

 Hi Soo is not afraid of his presence, whatever the reason Ha Joon is his son and Ji Young belongs to him, no one can take him even if people in the past Han Ji Young

 Je Kyeong, who intends to take hers to meet Ji Young, but this triggers a fight, Ji Young doesn't like Je Kyeong, who is greedy at first, he just wanted to allow himself to meet Ha Joon but now he even harasses his family.

 Meanwhile, Ha Joon loves Hi Soo again, he is only disappointed because he is not a child born in Hi Soo's womb, he is angry and sad and afraid that his continued mother will leave him.

 Then what if Je Kyeong told Ha Joon that he was his mother, would Ha Joon turn away or hate his biological mother for throwing him away.

 Watch the Korean drama Mine episode 7 English Sub on the Korean drama streaming link / RS

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